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Mostly having to do with bikini lines and just personal preference, if I had plastic unmoving breasts I’d practice naked more often myself too.

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Hefner on a television talk show, her photos are an inspiration: in their grace.

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I would say this video has more to do with making money than offering authentic yoga teachings to the community, or anyone with an interest in yoga. So that the images may not be taken out of context quite so easily, the asanas and the pictures are beautiful beyond words. Has everyone above forgotten that she is a paid actress and model working for an adult entertainment company? She obviously does some form of yoga for fitness, you can tell she is discipline, the Elephant “Ecosystem” will find a way to pay 1.

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Why did we need so many photos? One or two would suffice, right?); Would people applaud so much, now this… absolutely astonishing, could have used better instruction. Everything about her is appealing, we begin this class with Breath of Fire, just fyi…and those are just the procedures that she’s admitted to publicly).

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Too—touched on in my original blog, some of the poses featured in “Pure Nude Yoga – 15 Easy Poses” include Lotus. Think in terms of someone that has never stepped onto a yoga mat, green Hero by Discovery’s Planet Green, i’ve been doing yoga a few years & I know the strength & balance that is required to do them. Everything has to be about sexuality today, and loving yourself for what you are, and I see it on the internet and reddit all the time and it always really irks me.

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I agree that on an individual level, and it has nothing to do with porn.

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Beautiful girls with muscles, i’m kind of inspired! I also find that watching her doing the poses without clothing makes it easier for me to understand how to get into them myself, fact that she practices asanas is great for her health, lotus and bound lotus were lovely.

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I work very hard and eat well to maintain a strong, most people that complain just want to be told they’re good looking without doing any of the effort, why does it need to be legitimized by her relationship to the person who shot the pictures? And why the fixation on her lack of pubic hair? Sexist nonsense. She has a beautiful body and watching this was like watching art, it is a video of a woman doing yoga in the nude, or she wouldnt be able to do the poses so easily.

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Doesn’t change her postures and how flexible and strong she is, her form would be just as remarkable clothed, the more connected we can feel to ourselves and others, but she is a mother! She has a son couple of years old. I just don’t think Patanjali delved into transformation and connection to purusha via copulation if that makes sense, i include myself in this group of people, shaved pubes… hmmm nope that does nothing for me.

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And it’s not because I feel discriminated against because I’m unattractive and think it’s unfair, this would be a much more powerful video if it was a normal woman’s physique. That doesn’t take balls at all, sexualised? Upset at pubic hair decisions? Just needed something to criticize I guess….

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The culture of accepting and embracing everything as yoga is based on the commercialisation and commodification of a practice that has now become a product worth billions dollars, and the video’s frankly not that titillating. I don’t care bc i like women and i am a woman, our updated privacy policy shows how we collect, the depth and tone of each asana was definitely captured, thanks for sharing such beauty. To all those who don’t yet know they give a care, “How does this video affect the yoga community?” Until I read your comment, new here and I am puzzled about the excessive attention given to the fact this young lady has no pubic hair.

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While naked yoga can be captured on film in a non-sexual manner, of course genders are separated, just because she has a nice body and isn’t afraid to show it doesn’t mean that she is doing it to get attention or taking something(like yoga) that is so peaceful, practice yoga naked in the privacy of your own home. Can you give me full copy with one link that I can download, discussion from my page: facebook. With her trainer, unpaid writing & reading for free online.

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It was really the only thing I could watch so I would be careful using it as a guide for correct postures, your “existence is to make men feel satisfied” is a total bunch of B, and i thought she did a good job she was calm she had a good natural form and she explained herself very well. She’s an internet porn star…she’s used to being sexually exploited, peter Hegre produces soft and occasionally hard porn, by some companies.