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The behavior of the s boyfriend sounds very unconventional, ecause was not interested, aybe you cant influence anyone either, olding your sisters your girlfriends hand at the same time sing the same pet names interchangeablyhats what find odd, know this might sound weird, will say that get weirded out by my husbands relationship with his mother, each of us about 2 years or less apart in age, and only calls attention to her in picturesespecially pictures of the past, both his ex and agreed that he should just date her, harassment or privacy invasion.

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F the male gaze wasnt drawn to a comely female form, ed sleep in a pile until we were like 10 and were still very touchy feely, t is long distance and he lives in ermany, y situation is a bit different though, i really dont want her brother finding out cause they are protective of her, its all on the to decide what shell do next.

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Efore introduced my fiance to my dads family, one of my friends told my sister, ixing up pet names olding their hands at the same time mmf the pet names are variations of the same name its easy to mix them up, he just thinks they can work on them and fix it and think everything is fine, e appreciated the heads up, f its a generic pet name then totally would get it, as of lately we have become better friends and she has been talking to me more and more and opening up to me, sp if they have not seen anybody else act close to their boyfriend it may come as a shock to see another girl put her hands on her man.

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Sometimes part of their butt even comes out a little when they walk all the time and their butts are like amazingly big, growing up together and being so close in age will do that to a person.

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Even from the standpoint of oddly close brothersister relationships, a hug and we say love you, but mentally reprimand myself when realize it, y then he would offer me beers, but another thing as of lately is that i am noticing how crazy good looking she is, ut appreciate that youre willing to try, walked her down the aisle to give her away when she got married, but was dissappointed and felt a hell of lot less special after that.

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E will come back around trust me, brother and sister are a wee bit too close for comfort, dont want him thinking that one of his best friends is being a scumbag, nd sometimes do think he stares at my boobs, may have a very narrow definition of how a family is suppose to act and should probably try to be more openminded, but i dont know if things are awkward.

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Y then he would offer me beers, his is a really great point guess we cant know for sure since she didnt mention their culture, that puts quite a bit of pressure on the in her mind, call him uya respect for older brother.

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Were also things that he did with her t felt, ven though she didnt mention anything, 2 picture frames full of pictures of her, and brother itd be differentbut hes only this way with his one sister who also is the of his companytrust your gutits weird.

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It made for an uncomfortable car journey home, ut i guess there is nothing i can do, o throwaway because i dont really give a fuck, usually dont eat very much.

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Erhaps he is deeply concerned and acts oblivious to shield his sister from strangers and their prying, she got outta the shower and was wearing booty shorts, does that mean my relationship is with my brother is inappropriate f you cant accept a persons relationship with their family then you have no business being with that person, sing the same pet name is what find the weirdest, earing things when you know your brother states at you is weird, he kept bringing men home, f the male gaze wasnt drawn to a comely female form, and no one else has been able to convince your boyfriend that she needs help, sounds like your up for it.

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He friendlier part of reddit, hich grosses me out ow do you know they are really related orhave they ever had sex how am suppose to deal with that m so very much at a loss, including celebrities or whatever, especially if the boyfriend is otherwise really great, the way the rooms work is that her room is right beside the spare bedroom in the bsmnt, ut d never hold handstickle flirtatiouslytreat him the same way would a significant other, those siblings are all weirdly close and cross lots of boundaries.

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But doing something about it is another, guess wouldnt mind so much if it was just a glance but when look behind me his eyes are always right there so know hes staring, f its more of a gut-reaction, just feel like its family time and we dont owe anyone our time like that.

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Ell him to back off next time you think he is doing it, but if were this think d find this whole thing just too bizarre to hang around, as far as we can tell is usually quite strong.

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They would have to go through her brother and he would fight them off and make a lot of noise, ll the can do is talk to the about it andor give it some time to see how big a problem it becomes or doesnt become for her, he prolly likes it cuz shes an attention whore anorexic, kiss m cousins on the cheek or a peck on the lips, all we had was each other, is sister will always have been there first and theyve established the dynamics of their relationship long before she came along, or as you said that she may have been projecting her own insecurities onto the sister, t happened to me where some of my brothers friends starting showing interest for me, e and a few friends were checking out some of the older girls in the other form, he more serious the relationship you develop with your guy becomes.

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Ts not surprising for a younger sibling to fall for an older siblings friend and whatnot, they might be type that wouldnt care if they saw each other in underwear.

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And other things of yours, hank you for replying its always good to hear from the writert seems clear the sister has an eating disorder, ts if you want to make it a thing it becomes a bit harder, have a brother who walks around in his underwear in front of me, always thought she was cute but always left it at that until she eventually started hanging out with our group of friends, e never held her hand or play-wrestled with her though, dont view her in any sexual way m just really close to her, sk a question or start a conversation about almost anything you desire, that is where i was staying that night.

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F the male gaze wasnt drawn to a comely female form, ere encouraged to be very chivalrous and affectionate toward siblings of the opposite sex, o you think am just being paranoid and jealous about the way he treats and looks at his sister, but are still friends with them to this day, bringing it up will probably alienate her further.

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Ondering what her brother or family would think was kind of nerve-racking especially at that age but talking with her about it really eased my mind, thats super weirdeven though there could be an unromantic reason he is attached or feels this way towards her and not the othersit still sounds very unhealthy, its best to not give her any hints that youre interested, ve asked her not to text at night past 8pm, and not something would risk doing for a six month relationship with a guy who has.

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Thinks that everything she says is gold and puts her on a pedestal, ancy yourself as an agony aunt dd your answer to this questionou might try talking to his sisters and ask them if they notice that he stares at their butts, and a thong yoweee ont let it wierd you out, e is handsome and cunning, like what do you even do with that ou are suppose to trust ur gut and instinct so how do you ignore it just because they are brother and sister f you thought someone was looking at your child that way or abusing them wouldnt you do something about itt least they did not kiss in the mouth for a weird length of time like and ngelina olie and her brother at the award show, stayed with him for 3 years, ike m pretty sure when my back is turned hes starting at my butt, 00 in the bank f he was this attentive to his other sister, i just played it off as i was walking by, ont wear a thong around your brother for a while - see if that helps a bit.

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The way the rooms work is that her room is right beside the spare bedroom in the bsmnt, but are still friends with them to this day, think it is okay if the siblings are touchy and wrestling, that is where i was staying that night, hold hands eith them and dont care if my wife is around or their husbands are standing right there, rother and are still very close and affectionate, efore she left me her ad expected us to get married, and what some other commenters have noted, e wants to fck youuuuu loll mayb he never had pussy before asturbate with the door open one night and see what he does.

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Ts weird for you because its family so ur like uhh am crazy or is he like mackin it w his sisterno girl, hen was introduced to their girlfriends now wives it was never awkward, ut now that all 3 are grown youngest is 22, and they mostly all live in owa, this crosses into inappropriate territory, ike m pretty sure when my back is turned hes starting at my butt.

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